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The unique skill sets that Team Marquis offers to manufacturers, distributors and dealers sets our service and experience apart from other companies.

Wayne Cornwell


Wayne lives in Clear Spring, MD near our corporate office in Hagerstown, MD. With over 30 years served in the building products industry, Wayne has had the good fortune to experience many different opportunities. From stocking shelves as a teen to managing several large distribution facilities for major building product companies, many valuable lessons have been learned. Some of Wayne’s proudest moments in his career are watching folks succeed and tackle complex opportunities. Wayne holds a lot of pride in his team members; most of which have the same experiences and values which allows for excellent communication and ingenuity. Team Marquis brings consistency, focus and integrity to an often complex market.

Joshua W. Kirschner

Vice President

Joshua Kirschner lives in Chapel Hill, NC and is an equity partner in our organization. Josh started in our industry right out of UNC hustling the phones and selling millwork. Later in his career, Josh had the opportunity to serve as a General Manager, National Accounts Sales Manager and Regional Manager. Josh has a creative mind for addressing opportunities and loves to get his hands dirty to take care of his customers. Passion to do the right thing is always at the top of Josh’s check off list.

Tony Strong

Regional Manager

Tony Strong lives near Easton, MD and is covering MD, and VA and WV east of the I-81 corridor. Tony has years of experience including manager of Lansing Salisbury and New Castle as well as being a salesperson for REEB Millwork. Tony is comfortable calling on dealers, contractors and architects. Having Tony on the Marquis team has been very exciting. He has done everything from walking a multi-family job for materials take off to working trade shows. His experience carries him into every situation with a high level of professionalism and integrity.

William Herbert

Regional Manager

William Herbert lives in Greenville, SC and since his time as an Airborne Soldier in the Army, he has been working in the building products industry. Starting as a lumber yard counter salesperson and working his way up he has also gained tons of respect and knowledge in the Carolina’s, Western Georgia and Eastern Tennessee. Having sold many products in his past he has great understanding of the market he serves along with a fantastic reputation for doing the right thing.

Al Mograss

Regional Sales Manager

Al lives in Southeastern Massachusetts and has worked in the building products industry for over 25 years. Al started his career priming knots in a board priming operation for a large New England Lumberyard. Realizing his potential, the lumber yard moved him to the yard and finally was promoted to a purchasing agent. From there Al worked for a large window to door specialty center leading him to a large national window company. His last stint before joining Marquis Sales and Marketing was as a wholesale millwork territory manager. Al’s experience over his career is valuable because he understands not only the sales process but also all the steps along the way to make the manufacturers he represents more successful and adds value to our dealer and distributor partners as well.

Timothy Maloney

Regional Sales Manager

Tim Maloney lives in West Chester, PA and is covering the PA and NJ market. Tim has over 20 years of vast knowledge of the building products supply chain. He has experience at every level, having worked with one-step supply houses, dealers, and wholesale distributers. Tim has also launched new products with manufacturers and distributors. In addition, he has a proven record of sales growth by developing strong relationships, providing solid follow-up, and understanding the needs of his customers. Tim has a great understanding of the market he serves and has shown outstanding success.

Callie Quinn

Sales Operations Manager

Callie Quinn lives in Fredericksburg, VA. She joined Marquis with a background in marketing and sales communication. Callie’s role is to provide our supply chain partners not only the best products but also the valuable resources to manage social media, initiatives related to advertising and marketing as well as providing essential customer service and administrative support.

About Us

Marquis Sales and Marketing was formed in January, 2014 and incorporated later that year.

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